Convert Canadian Visitor Visa to Student Visa – Tips and Advice from the Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

Convert Canadian Visitor Visa to Student Visa – Tips and Advice from the Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

Canada is a popular destination for overseas education for many reasons – from the excellent and comparatively affordable education system, to work opportunities and a welcoming, multicultural environment.  Often, youngsters come on a visitor visa to the country but aspire to continue living here on a student visa. While this is a complex move with its unique challenges, it’s not an impossible goal to achieve. 

With the assistance of the right Canadian immigration consultant, converting a visitor visa to a student visa can be possible. Here is a quick guide to the possibilities of converting your visa for overseas education in Canada. 

First things first – one of the primary aspects of your arrival in Canada is based on your ‘intent’ i.e., ‘What is your intention of entering the country?’ 

A visitor visa is given with the understanding that you would return upon completion of the permitted time period. If you are from India, an India and Canada-based abroad education consultant, such as Can-America, can help you with all the processes and documentation required to apply for a suitable visa.

What to do when you want to convert your Visit Visa to a Student Visa?

The first step to applying for a study permit is to have proof of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI), proof of financial support, and other documents required for the study permit application. You must meet the eligibility criteria for the college/university you are applying to, and meet specific requirements regarding funds, proof of intent, etc. 

The processing of the study permit will take time; remain calm and ensure that you meet all the requirements of the visitor visa in the meantime. 

Once the study permit comes through, there will be other proceedings and additional steps that you must undertake to switch to a student visa. A licensed Canadian visa immigration consultant can help you with all those complex processes. 

Watch the video, where our RCIC Canada consultant, Ms. Bency Justin talks about the various processes involved and how  Can-America can help navigate the intricacies of converting a Canadian visit visa to a student visa. 

If you aspire to study in Canada and are currently on a visitor visa in the country, reach out to Can-America Immigration. We will provide the necessary details on the documents for applying for a study permit and guide you through the entire process of gaining a student visa. Rest assured your future will be in safe hands. 

Can-America is one of India’s and Canada’s leading abroad education consultants. Our advice to students is to always hire a licensed immigration consultant after doing a thorough check of their track record and credentials. 

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