Other Services

We are offering many other services for Canada, other than permanent or temporary residence visa applications to Canada, Temporary residence applications for the USA and the UK. These services are add-on services required for each client before immigrating to Canada or after reaching Canada. Please note that all these additional services are paid as per the services that you are looking to avail.

Pre-Visa Application Procedures

While applying for Canada Immigration, the first step is to clear the language ability test (IELTS and French), do your Education Document Evaluation (ECA) and do the licensing process if you are qualified to apply under any Federal Skilled Trade. We guide our clients for ECA and the licensing process and provide language training for our clients with the help of our international trainers.  If you have ever received a visa refusal for Canada, we help our clients apply for the ATIP and GCMS notes to understand the reason for rejection and the visa officer’s opinion on the previous application. 

We specialize in reapplying for Canada visas for refused applications with a success rate of 95%. Based on the ATIP /GCMS notes, we help our clients reapply for a Canada visa. We also help our clients in reapplying for US Visa rejected applications. While you are applying for your Canada visa and if you have any inadmissibility issues, we might be able to help you to overcome the inadmissibility issues. 

After Visa Application Submission

During the Canada visa application process, once you submit your application to IRCC, some candidates might receive a procedural fairness letter when the visa officer is looking for more explanation on something suspicious on the file. We help our clients submit a procedural fairness letter within the allowed time frame of 30 days. Once you submit your application for PR, we strongly recommend that our clients start with the licensing process if they are working in a profession which needs licensing in Canada. 

We guide our clients on how to move on with the licensing process in Canada and get all the documents required for the process, and if they have to get some procedures done from the college or university they have studied. 

Post-Landing Services 

Once your visa is approved, and when you are about to move to Canada, you might need help to settle down in Canada. We provide paid settlement services for our clients, for which they will need to sign up with us at least two months before landing if they are looking for help with accommodation.

Once your PR is approved, we are here to help you with,