Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Renewing your permanent residence card is essential for maintaining your status as a permanent resident in Canada. The renewal application must be completed and submitted before the expiration date on your current card. Failure to renew your PR card on time may result in losing your permanent resident status. If your PR card has already expired, you must apply for a PRTD to return to Canada as a permanent resident.

To apply for a PR card, you should have received the COPR – confirmation of PR from IRCC, and you can apply for your first PR card on arrival at the port of entry with the CBSA officers. To renew your PR card, you need to be a permanent resident of Canada and meet the residency requirements. You can apply for a replacement card only if your PR card is lost, stolen, or damaged.


PR Card Renewal Fees

A new PR card application fee is $50 per person, while a renewal or replacement card costs $50. There may be additional fees for biometrics and other services. The cost might vary from time to time; please make sure to refer to the IRCC website for up-to-date information about the application fee for each process, or please contact us.

What is the Processing time for the PR Card Renewal?

The processing time for your first PR card application can vary depending on the volume of applications received by IRCC. For online applications, – 58 days or more, AND paper applications take about 85 days. It is important to note that complete or accurate applications may delay processing time.

The processing time for PR renewal or replacement applications can vary but generally takes four to six months. It is recommended to apply well before the expiration date on your current PR card to avoid any issues or complications. It is also important to remember that unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19-related disruptions, may impact processing times.

How to return to Canada without a valid PR card

If your PR card has expired or you have lost it while outside of Canada, apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) to return to Canada as a permanent resident. This document serves as proof of your permanent resident status. It can be obtained by filling out an application and providing necessary documents, such as your passport, proof of residency, and travel itinerary. If you have any questions about the PR card renewal application process, you can seek help from our best immigration Professionals; we can provide guidance and assistance throughout the process to ensure that your application is completed correctly and submitted on time.

How to Apply?

For professional guidance to apply for your PR card renewal, you can seek help from Can-America Immigration services.