Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. Immigration Services

If you are cancelling the representation of the company by any means, the company will be returning the unused fees as per the retainer agreement signed between the company and the client. If the services are already provided, the fees paid are non-refundable.

a) Consultation Cancellation or rescheduling

For an initial consultation, if the client is cancelling or rescheduling the appointment before one business day, the client will receive a refund minus the bank wiring fee and 15% administrative fee of the paid amount. If the cancellation is made by the client less than one business day in advance, the payment made for consultation is non-refundable. However, the client would be able to reschedule for another consultation within seven business days at 50% of the regular cost based on the availability of the consultants.

b) Late for consultation

The payment won’t be refundable for no-shows and late appointments.

If the client is later over 5 minutes before the appointment time, the client will lose the payment for the consultation until and unless it is informed to the consultant, and the client will need to reschedule the appointment for another day at 50% of the regular cost.

If the client informs the company that he will be late for the appointment and if the client doesn’t show up in another ten more minutes, the client will lose the payment and the client would be able to book the consultation for another day at 75% of the regular cost based on the availability of the consultant.

Fees charged by Can-America for Consultations with any lawyers or licensed immigration consultants we are introducing to the clients who practice independently; the consultation fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If the client retains any person that Can-America introduced, the client will sign up for a retainer with the company by including that RCIC in the retainer agreement. If the client retainer a lawyer that Can-America would be introducing, the client must agree to the specific terms and conditions with that lawyer, including all the policies, payments and refund policies agreed upon between the parties.

The company’s privacy policy protects your privacy as per the law in Canada. However, by signing up with a lawyer or an immigration consultant introduced by the company, your information would be discussed or shared between the company and the representative that you are signing up with.

2. Cancellation-Study Program Application

If the client is cancelling the representation of the company/withdrawing from further processing by any means after making the payment and signing up the agreement for the admission process of applying to colleges or universities (In- Canada and Outside of Canada applicants), the initial registration payment is 100% non-refundable.

If the client (In-Canada applicants) is withdrawing after making the payment and before signing an agreement, there would be an administrative fee of CAD 100 for the time spent on the refund process and the time spent for consultation with eligible programs and colleges where the client would be possibly getting accepted.

3. Retaining our Services

a) For Initial consultation 

The initial consultation is only to provide the information on whether you are eligible to apply for any program, how the company would be able to help you with the application and to clarify any doubts. By signing up for initial consultation, you are not retaining the company to provide the services for processing the immigration application. We are not a law firm representing any law firm or attorney. We cannot offer any advice to you about legal rights in Canada.

b) For Immigration Application processing services 

The client needs to retain the company and the RCIC for providing immigration services by paying the professional fee and signing a retainer agreement as per the terms in the initial consultation agreement.

c) No guarantee of success

The company, through its consultants, may provide advice about the probability of success of an immigration matter or application. However, the company does not guarantee any particular result, as the outcome of an immigration matter or application is at the sole discretion of the Minister, an Officer, or an IRB. The company doesn’t promise or guarantee success with the outcome, and any suggestions offered by the company, or its consultants will not constitute a guarantee.

Based on the information in the public domain, the company explains the probabilities, and contingencies incidental to the visa procedures, immigration procedures at the port of entry and other matters which is purely beyond the control of the company to the client. The company educates the clients, and by retaining the company’s services, the client agrees and understands the consequences and contingencies related to the same, and the client has voluntarily approached the company for taking the services mentioned in the retainer agreement. Accordingly, the client confirms and agrees that the company is only responsible for those services listed in the retainer agreement for which the client pays the consultation charges.

4. Demonstration classes for Language Training

There would be a fee of CAD 25 for the demo classes, which would be credited to the total training fee once you proceed with and enroll in the program with our trainers.