Sponsor your child 

A parent can sponsor a child if the child meets the definition of a child as per IRCC. Sponsoring a dependent child requires additional documentation, such as their birth certificate and proof of their relationship to the sponsor. It’s also important to note that the age limit for dependent children changed on October 24, 2017, from under 19 years old to under 22 years old. This means that if you have a child between the ages of 19 and 21, they may still be eligible for sponsorship if they meet specific criteria.

Length of undertaking

When you sponsor a family member for permanent residency in Canada, you must provide financial support and assistance for a specific period.

  • For dependent children over 22 years old, the undertaking is also three years from the day the child becomes a permanent resident.
  • However, if the dependent child is under 22, the undertaking is ten years or until the age of 25 from when the child becomes a permanent resident.

Sponsor your adopted child

If you have adopted a child from another country, you may be eligible to sponsor them for permanent residency in Canada. The process involves providing proof of the adoption and demonstrating that you have the financial means to support your child.

If the person you’re sponsoring has a child in the sole custody of a previous spouse, they may still need to include this child in their application. The specific requirements and documents needed will depend on the relationship between the sponsor and the child and any legal agreements or court orders in place.

It’s important to note that even if the child is not immigrating to Canada with the sponsored family member, they may still be considered a dependent and need to be included in the application. This can affect the MNI requirement and the overall processing time of the application.

Suppose you’re sponsoring a child who is not in your custody. In that case, gathering all necessary documents, such as birth certificates, custody agreements, and permission from the other parent or legal guardian is essential. This can help ensure a smoother application process and avoid delays or complications.

How Can I apply? 

If you are considering sponsoring your child first, you should go for an initial consultation from an immigration lawyer or consultant to understand the process and your obligations as a sponsor. If interested, you can book a consultation here with our licensed consultants.