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Study in Canada

Canada is the top attractive and favorite destination for students from across the globe due to the possibilities to apply for PR after their studies and eventually for Canadian Citizenship. Canada has the most reputed and prestigious schools worldwide to pursue courses in every discipline. If you want to study in Canada, we are here to help you. 

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Applying for a study permit 

Once you have your IELTS score per the program requirement of the university or college you plan to study, we can help you apply to the school of your choice. Once you receive your offer letter from a DLI in Canada, we will help you file the study permit with IRCC. Since we are CICC-licensed immigration professionals, we file your study permit with utmost care to avoid the possibility of rejection. 

Applying for a study permit along with your family

While you file your visa, you can bring your spouse and kids to Canada. Your spouse would be eligible for an open work permit, and your kids would be suitable for a visitor visa or study permit based on age.

What if you received a rejection on your study permit application?

Visa applications can be rejected for several reasons. Once you get a refusal on your application, you must file your next application by taking care of all flaws in the previous application. If all the aspects are properly handled, your application may be approved.

Post-graduate work permit

You might be eligible for a post-graduate work permit for up to 3 years based on the program duration that you would be studying in Canada with a PGWP-eligible DLI and if you meet the criteria set by IRCC to apply for PGWP.

Study Permit to PR status

Once you gain Canadian work experience in PGWP for one year, you might be eligible to apply for PR under the Canadian Experience Class or Provincial Nominee Program, depending upon your NOC code, once you meet all the criteria set by IRCC. Most schools we work with have Master, PG Diploma Programs, Bachelor, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma Programs in high-demand occupations like IT, Management, and Health Care.
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How to Apply?

We are one of the trusted companies based in Canada, and we are known for the quality of our services and our visa success ratio. We Can-America Immigration, help our clients enroll in the best programs suitable for the students based on their academic background and the student’s experience. Please submit the student assessment form, and we will get back to you to guide you with the best possible options for you.