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Safeguard Yourself from Admission Scams and Deportation in Canada

Canada is one of the top three destinations for Indians to immigrate to. With excellent opportunities for education and work, high quality of life, stable economies, and clean environments, the country has become one of the favorite choices among Indians to move to and settle down. A study has revealed that the number of Indians immigrating to Canada has more than tripled in the last 10 years. A recent incident, however, has highlighted the need to choose reliable licensed visa immigration consultants for Canada immigration. 

Immigration Fraud Targeting Students

In June 2023, a man was charged with issuing fraudulent university letters of acceptance to Indian students and other immigration-related criminal offenses. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stated that the man was allegedly involved in ‘counseling misinterpretation’.

The investigation picked up speed when several Indian students were found to have submitted fake acceptance letters to educational institutions, and around 700 students were issued deportation notices.

Fortunately for the distressed students, this devasting situation came with a silver lining – the Canadian Immigration Minister’s decision to focus on identifying culprits and not penalizing victims, who were cheated by phony abroad education consultants

Each student faced with the risk of deportation will be individually investigated to assess if they are victims of fraud or are guilty of presenting fake documents. Since hundreds of students are involved, the investigating team has decided to temporarily halt deportation. The students will remain in Canada during this period.

Lessons to Learn 

This incident has underlined the importance of choosing a licensed Canada study visa consultant. Many students who wish to study abroad and are applying for study visas, do not verify the credentials of the immigration consultancies they choose to work with. This is a huge risk factor that can not only jeopardize a student’s future plans but also derail the family’s financial stability. It is imperative that every student take the time and effort to verify the credibility of different abroad education consultants, before finalizing one that suits them the best. 

Canada is a popular destination for international students because of the relatively simple process of obtaining a visa. The Canadian government is looking for ways to broaden its labor market with both skilled and semi-skilled workers to face global competition and enhance its economic stability. Besides its pro-immigration stance, Canada has splendid job opportunities, top-notch education, outstanding healthcare facilities, a diverse multicultural population, a stable political system, and a much lower crime rate than most other countries in the world – all indisputable reasons to immigrate to the country. 

However, with all its pros, it becomes doubly essential for aspiring immigrants to work with only the best immigration consultants in Canada to prevent being scammed. 

Be on the Alert for Immigration Scams

When you are searching for study abroad consultancy services, there are warning signs that you must keep in mind to protect yourself from immigration scams. A licensed immigration consultant is aware of the process, the challenges, and the effort that will go into your overseas education journey. A genuine consultant will not mince their words and make it sound like a straightforward procedure. However, they will be transparent, helpful, and efficient in verifying if you meet all criteria. They will make your journey abroad a fruitful one. 

Here are some warning signs you need to look out for to protect yourself from immigration scams:

  • Excessive promises of guaranteed visa – if an immigration consultant makes over-the-top promises of getting you a visa, beware. Although Canada’s immigration laws are more relaxed than the US, there are still many complex processes to go through and several criteria that an applicant must meet. Nobody can guarantee a visa in an instant. A licensed immigration consultant will have a high success rate, provided all requirements are met suitably. 
  • Overly focused on receiving payments – a reliable immigration consultant’s priority will be to ensure that aspiring students receive all the guidance required to make their overseas education dream come true. They will be open to frequent discussions, provide clarity on program selection, and offer personalized services at costs that are at par with industry standards. While filing the visa, licensed immigration professionals would have discussions with you to avoid any kind of mistakes in the application. When the consultant focuses more on getting money out of the client instead of paying attention to the client’s needs, there is your warning sign. 
  • Encourages forgery or fake documentation – an authentic immigration consultant will never resort to unethical practices to ensure a student gets a visa. Eventually, the student will be found guilty of malpractice and deported back to their country of origin. Hence, stay away from any consultant that suggests you take deceitful steps to get a study abroad visa. 
  • Fraudulent affiliations and credentials – every overseas education aspiring student must conduct thorough research on the abroad education consultants they have shortlisted. Check with the authorities if they are licensed with CICC Canada, the license number is genuine, the declared affiliations are authentic, the business is registered in Canada, and the organization has a trusted reputation in the industry. 
  • Unsolicited advice – many fraudulent companies reach out to students over unsolicited phone calls or emails, offering their ‘specialized’ services. These are, in all likelihood, scams. Make sure you contact immigration consultants yourself, by checking reviews and recommendations. 

It is better to be safe than sorry, especially in the wake of the recent incident of admission scams and deportation threats. 

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