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The Importance of Choosing a Licensed Immigration Consultant

Are you planning to fly abroad, but complex immigration processes and student visa applications are holding you back? You may not know where to start and what documents you need and there may be a lot of other queries coming up in your mind. This is where Can-America Immigration comes in to help you. Can-America can be your trusted partner in providing expert and personalized immigration services. With CICC-licensed immigration consultants, Can-America Immigration ensures clients get transparent and expert consultation to meet their needs.

Let us discuss how Can-America sets itself apart from other immigration consultants: 

1. In-depth Consultation for Informed Decisions

At Can-America we make sure our clients are well-informed about each and every phase of the immigration process with clarity and detail. Our CICC-licensed immigration consultants arrange a one-hour consultation with clients to discuss immigration formalities, deadlines, eligibility,  costs,  chances of application approval or rejection, and so on. We believe that such a personalized consultation can be helpful for the clients to make an informed decision.

2. Exclusive Expertise of CICC Licensed Professionals

Unlike other immigration companies, Can-America Immigration exclusively assigns CICC-licensed immigration professionals to work on your immigration and student visa application. This distinction ensures that your case is handled by consultants who have undergone rigorous training, possess extensive knowledge of immigration laws and procedures, and adhere to the ethical guidelines set by the CICC. Working with licensed professionals minimizes the risk of complications and enhances the chances of a successful application.

3. Clarity on Program Selection

We understand that choosing the right immigration program is crucial for a successful application. Can-America understands how important trust is when a student aspires to pursue overseas education; which is why we ensure that students are introduced to all the available programs to help them determine whether they are eligible or not. Our licensed immigration consultants showcase the most suitable courses and paths for students in the shortest period of time, by using minimum financial resources. 

4. Minimizing Financial Risk

Immigrating overseas comes with significant financial investment; without proper financial planning, you may face many financial constraints throughout your journey abroad. This is why our licensed consultants give you a detailed overview of the costs and details that you may incur during your journey. This transparency of costs will help you find a fine balance between your costs and financial planning so you can be prepared to live abroad. 

5. Personalized strategies 

We know that every client is unique and goes through a different journey abroad, be it the destination, the course, the finance, or their eligibility. We understand that personalized guidance is important for each and every client who approaches us. Our CICC-licensed consultants offer guidance to our clients depending on their skills, eligibility, field of interest, future goals, and so on. This personalized approach helps in increasing the chance of the application getting accepted and this individual approach makes us stand out in the competition. 

6. Commitment to Client Satisfaction

For Can-America, customer satisfaction is a priority. We have an expert team dedicated to providing immediate addresses to client inquiries. The aim of this team is to keep clients informed of progress at each stage of the process. The immigration process involves a long-term relationship between the client and the consultant, and we make sure our clients have a positive experience throughout. 

Watch out for Ghost Consultants

While we have spoken about our exclusive features and professional consultancy services, there is also something that we need you to be aware of – ghost consultants. These are unauthorized practitioners who claim to be licensed professionals. Ghost consultants target individuals who seek to immigrate or study abroad, and misguide them with false information for monetary gains. Here are some warning signs to look out for when you are choosing an immigration consultant:

  1. Inaccessibility or ambiguity: A ghost consultant, unlike bonafide ones, will be hard to reach or communicate with. You will not receive timely updates on the progress of your application and will constantly experience a lack of transparency. 
  1. Unethical practices: A licensed consultant will never suggest that you submit false documents or fake information. If a consultant does so under the pretext of speeding up your application process, be alert. An authentic immigration consultant will never indulge in such unethical practices. Plus, if you are being charged above industry standards for so-called premium services, it is a wake-up call. 
  1. Low-quality services: The fact that ghost consultants are unqualified to handle your application will reflect the quality of their services. You will find that there are constant errors in processing that will lead to complications, risking your chances of going abroad. Look out for such discrepancies and poor handling of your case.
Simple ways to safeguard yourself from ghost consultants:
  1. Verify credentials: The best and easiest way to ensure you are working with genuine immigration consultants is to verify their credentials. Check the authenticity of the license number presented to you by consultants to ensure they are genuinely licensed by reputable authorities and are not fake. 
  1. Research your consultant: Look for client reviews and testimonials, and recommendations from friends and family. Do proper research and comparative study to decide on a consultant ideal for you. 
  1. Ask for legal agreements: A consultant that insists on legally signed documents or agreement that includes a list of services, fees, and other details is an authentic one. A professional agreement clearly defines the expectations and ensures that your investment is safe. Anyone who does not declare formal documentation is unreliable. 
  1. Look for transparent communication: A trusted consultant will always be open to directly communicate with you, answer all your queries, and enable you to apply confidently and clearly. Any hesitancy to communicate or any signs of evasion are risks. 


If you are looking for a trusted licensed immigration consultant then you are at the right place. Can-America Immigration has a proven record of success with various positive testimonials. We offer you consultations with CICC licensed professionals who can provide you with personalized assistance with excellent customer satisfaction. With Can-America you don’t have to worry about legal risks and fraudulent practices. Let us guide you to your dream destination abroad and help you have a happy and safe immigration process.